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Pilates with Sam in the Ribble Valley


Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. It consists of low-impact, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance exercises, moves and stretches. Pilates promotes proper alignment, core strength and muscle balance. In addition to improved posture, Pilates  produces long lean muscles leading to better strength, flexibility and better movement patterns. 

Pilates for you

Sam provides mat and reformer Pilates tuition. Pilates can benefit people of all ages and fitness and ability levels. Beneficial as an introduction to exercise or as part of a wider exercise program Pilates can help you. 

Experience the best Pilates classes and individual instruction in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire and work with precision and flow to ensure you achieve an effective workout.

Widely lauded by elite athletes and celebrities Pilates improves fitness, health and well-being. Pilates is also recommended by Doctors to help patients recover more quickly from injury. 

Mat Pilates is the basis of Pilates. Overall improvements to flexibility, core strength and muscle development can be achieved with mat based Pilates.

Reformer Pilates classes use reformer machines which add resistance to the moves and exercises you do. Whilst having the look of a torture device, reformer machines incorporate straps, springs, pulleys, cables and bars help you  build and tone muscles more quickly strengthening your core, back and legs.

So, whether it's mat or reformer give Pilates a try!


Classes are available for you to book on various days at the following venues:

Oakhill Leisure, Whalley (mat)

Stanley House Hotel  Spa, Mellor (mat and reformer)

NJD Sports Therapy Clinic, Clitheroe (mat and reformer)

Coniston Hotel Spa, Skipton (mat)

Contact Sam for details and information on 07907767026